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Before you read any further, you should know one thing: THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL CAREER WEBSITE.

We are not boring and predictable around here and only #bosschick thinking is allowed. You have entered a one of a kind career coaching boutique that focuses on re-assessing, re-building and re-working ALL aspects of your professional life in a realistic and authentic way.  

Listen, I get you.  Before I found my dream job, I was just like you. Overworked. Undervalued. Demotivated. Depressed.  I was stuck in a job that didn't allow me to truly tap into all the greatness I knew I was capable of and I felt so basic.


This is why my mission is for all women to be more confident and fearless in their career journey so that.


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Who I am...

Hi, I'm Dorianne St Fleur and I'm a career coach and strategist.

I help women professionals make BOLD and STRATEGIC career moves, so they can create a life full of FREEDOM, FUN and FULFILLMENT all while remaining true to themselves and their desires.

I only work with women who are not OK with living a mediocre life. Women who are ambitious, courageous and unstoppable. Women who are ready to unleash all their power for the world to see and are ready to take their lives - especially their professional lives - to a whole other level.

My single priority is to make sure that my clients have the necessary tools, resources and information to excel and basically take their careers from basic levels to Beyonce status!

What I do...

I am an accountability partner.  A keep my clients on track with their career goals by helping them put together a detailed, action oriented and realistic plan to successfully accomplish their career goals.  Whether those goals are to clarify career passion, increase professional confidence, get promoted, get a raise, find a dream job, or fill in another common career goal, I provide open and honest feedback and accountability for my clients.

YCG Blog

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about 5 easy and natural ways to network for #boss women who want to build new relationships in an organic way. One of the ways I mentioned to do this was...

Dorianne St. Fleur

Dorianne St. Fleur


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